Detector Loops for Detection by Induction.

Detection Loops / Induction

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We manufacture TireShark™ Traffic Spikes & distribute for other makers.

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DETECTOR LOOPS (pre-formed inductive loop detectors)


Saw cut loops Direct burial loops.

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loop sealant Loop saw blades Loopalator
E-Z Detector Checker TB Kit Pizza wedge and wedge tool
Applicator tips Air wand Loop detectors

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Detector Loops’ are also known as inductive loop detectors, preformed loop detectors, pre formed loop detectors, pre-formed loop detectors, or loop detectors. We are a factory authorized distributor / dealer of BD Loops. BD Loops brand i ideal for parking lots, intersections, drive through restaurants, gates, barrier gate operators, fencing, doors, bicycle lanes, intersections, stop and go lights, vehicle sensing, and pedestrian control products.

Competitive pricing on TB kits (saw cut installation kits), pizza wheel, loop detector sealant, and loop detector sealant applicators.

We are patriots that sell, at discount, sealant (Bondo, RAI, Chemque) for DoorKing, Magnetic, Osco, and Linear brands. Barrier gate operators, vehicle counters, traffic lights, speed detection devices, and other traffic controls for vehicle sensing typically use loops rather than motion or weight sensors.

Brands in the industry are: BEA, Diablo Controls, EDI, Elite, EMX, Northstar, Reno A&E, Sarasota, and US Traffic / PEEK. Used at HOA, shopping center, malls, airports, municipalities, military bases/installations, factories and businesses to protect parking lots, employee, security, and public access, private and commercial property, these types of products have been proven to be reliable, safe, and affordable.

We ship BD pre-formed loops world-wide, and can combine them with other vehicle access control products that we sell.

Package deals are available.

Distributor for:

Barrier Gate Operators!  Factory Authorized Distributor of Magnetic Autocontrol Corporation and Guardian Traffic Control and Guardian Gate Hardware manufactured by the Antech Corporation. Our offices are located 2 blocks from this major manufacturer, in business since 1949. Take advantage of our hands-on, eyes-on capability to observe your order being manufactured to your specifications. Competitive pricing. Feel safer with turnstiles, one-way access control systems, road traffic control systems, retractable tire traffic spikes, super heavy duty hinges, gate operators (upswung arms for passage), speed bumps, key switches, Cobra, Cobra II, StingRay, and Enforcer brands, spike strips for both in-ground and on-ground directional treadle systems for in-bound and out-bound pneumatic tires. We sell at discount to apartment complexes, shopping center, malls, airports, military bases/installations, factories and businesses to protect parking lots, employee, security, and public access, private and commercial property. Systems can be one-way or two-way, above ground, on ground, flat mount, or surface mount... hydraulic options.
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