Detector Loops for Detection by Induction.

Detection Loops / Induction

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Pizza Wheel & Wedge Tool

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Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool

Easily Roll Saw-Cut Loops to the Bottom of the Saw-Cut Groove.

Many loop installers use screwdrivers, paint mixers, sticks, or other tools to stuff saw-cut loops into saw-cut grooves. These tools are not only inefficient, they can nick the loop wire and cause the loop to short to ground.

Save your back and knees with the Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool!

The BD Loops Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool allows installers to quickly and easily roll loop wire into the bottom of the saw-cut groove while standing. It is made of smooth and durable PVC that will not nick the loop wire. The wedge tool allows installers to easily push wire down into 135 dog eared corner cuts. Roller is 1/8" thick, works best with BD Loops Pre formed Saw-Cuts style of detector loops.

pizza wedge tools

Our Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool has a 3/4” PVC Coupler
to accept any length handle.

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wedge tool handle


CALL NOW TO ORDER: (520) 303-4444

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