Detector Loops for Detection by Induction.

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3/16” Sealant Applicator Tips

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3/16" Sealant Applicator Tip

Seal BD Loops 3/16" Saw-Cut Loop in one pass!

This is the first 3/16” sealant tip available on the market... installers will no longer be forced to use ¼” sealant tip for saw-cut applications. An installer can save 25% more sealant by using a 3/16” saw-cut groove instead of a ¼” groove.

When used with BDLoops pre formed saw-cut loop, sealant savings can increase by up to 50%.

Imprinted on the Sealant Tip is a Depth Gauge installers can use to insure depth of cut accuracy resulting in even more sealant savings. By using the new BD Loops 3/16” sealant tip with BD Loops pre formed saw-cuts, an installer can completely seal a saw-cut groove with just one pass! This is accomplished by the built in backer-rod on BD Loops pre formed saw-cut loops completely sealing the bottom of the 3/16” groove. Applying loop sealant has never been quicker or easier.

The new BD Loops sealant tip combined with our pre formed saw-cut loop and TB-Kit will save installers even more time, money, and energy. Advantages include cutting 15-20 minutes per loop in installation time, 3/16” diamond blades are cheaper, cut faster, and have better gas mileage vs. ¼” blades. The new tip easily fits Chemque and Bondo brand sealants, and will even work with Chemque’s newest green product packaging.

For all of your loop sealant needs, we’ve got you covered.

Saw cut tip
Loop sealant

CALL NOW TO ORDER: (520) 303-4444

Sealant applicator tip

CALL NOW TO ORDER: (520) 303-4444

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