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E-Z Detector Checker for Pre-Formed Inductive Detector Loops

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When the E-Z Detector Checker is hooked up to a detector in place of an in-ground induction loop, it will show a green light if the detector is properly energizing the loop. By pushing the button just behind the green light, the detector should trip just as a vehicle would have caused a trip when passing over an in-ground loop.
The features of the E-Z Detector Checker are as follows:

    • Small compact design that fits in your hand.
    • Color-coded clip/ test leads store in base of unit.
    • Green LED lights up when the detector is properly energizing the loop circuit. (N/A on Jr.)
    • Push RED button test to see if detector is picking up loop trips.
    • Eliminates the need for a Mega OHM meter.
    • Allows for harness wiring check from detector to loop terminals within the gate operator.
    • Eliminates the need to stock the field service truck with so many of the different types of detectors.
    • Saves valuable time while trouble shooting in the field.
    • Reduces the chance of cutting in a new loop when the problem was in the detector circuit, not the loop itself.
    • Never needs battery replacement. Protective fuse to safeguard unit if connected to 110V
    • Allows the opportunity to increase your profits by reducing your servicing time and reducing repeat service calls.
E-Z Detector Checker

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BD Detector Checkers

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